Air Conditioning Installation
Phoenix AZ

Your air conditioning installation will have an effect on your comfort levels and electricity bills for years to come, so make sure it is done right. We are experts at installation and only utilize brand names, so you get the perfect air conditioning unit to satisfy your needs and quality that lasts.

Heating & Cooling Repair
Phoenix AZ

The extreme climate in Arizona can take a toll on you heating and cooling system. For professional repairs, you will not find a more skilled and experienced team than Sunrise Mechanical. We diagnose and repair any problem and are so confident in our work that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Duct Cleaning
Phoenix AZ

Dirty duct work can affect system performance and even pose a health hazard. Our duct cleaning services leave your system spotless and we treat your ducts for mildew and fungal growth every time. When you demand the best from your duct cleaning service provider, call on Sunrise Mechanical.

Home Insulation
Phoenix AZ

One of the best ways to save money and combat hot weather is with professionally installed insulation. We perform insulation removal, replacement, and installation.Our insulation services provide you with a cooler, care free, energy efficient home that holds in cool air and keeps out heat.

Do you need air conditioning repair now?

When you want complete air conditioning repair in Phoenix, trust the professionals at Sunrise Mechanical Inc. Residents in Phoenix know that summers can be scorching. Having a properly functioning AC system is necessary for more than staying cool; it’s necessary for survival. A broken AC system in Phoenix is an emergency. That’s why you want your AC repair needs met by a local, reliable company.

Choose the most reliable local air conditioning technicians.

We’ve been repairing AC units in Phoenix for more than 30 years. Our business was built on helping customers stay cool, and we couldn’t have built lasting relationships without providing excellent service. Our team of skilled, certified technicians provides accurate air conditioning diagnosis and repairs. We can handle additional service with ease, making us more than just your air conditioning repair company in Phoenix. We’re your heating and cooling solution.

Have AC problems? Call us now to schedule servicing. (602) 714-1009. Ask about same-day service.

With excellent pricing on the services you need most, we always put our customers’ needs first. That’s why we don’t push unnecessary services. A good company client relationship should be based on trust, especially when it comes to your home AC.  In order to ensure accuracy, we provide estimates after performing a diagnosis. That way you don’t end up with any surprises after the fact. We can repair any air conditioning issue, including:

  • AC unit fails to turn on
  • Thermostat will not cycle or malfunctions
  • Electrical problems
  • AC unit is blowing warm air

  • Unit continually cycles or fails to turn off
  • Clogged condensation lines
  • AC unit has completely frozen
  • Unit it too loud or makes odd noises

We repair all AC unit makes and models.

Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix
That’s just a small handful of the AC problems our technicians can diagnose and repair. Though air conditioning units share many similarities, every case is unique. That’s why having experienced, knowledgeable technicians provide your air conditioning repairs is so important. We’ll do our best to schedule repairs around your needs so that your life isn’t impacted and your AC is fixed without delay.

All of our air conditioning repairs are performed using the highest quality replacement parts. With specs that meet or exceed factory OEM specifications and the workmanship to match, when we’re done with a repair you can be assured it will last. With an A+ rating from the BBB, when you need reliable and comprehensive HVAC repair call (602) 714-1009 or Contact Us today.

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Air Conditioning Cleaning and Tune Ups

The best way to keep your air conditioning system running at its most efficient level is to get regular cleaning. It is inevitable that dust and other debris will gather in vents and even collect on the moving parts of an HVAC system. This debris clogs the system and forces it to work harder. That harder work not only puts stress on your cooling system, it can eventually reduce the longevity of the system, not to mention pulling more energy to run it.

Here are some signs you may need your air conditioning system cleaned:

Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix AZ

  • You have noticed your utility bills is eking up, even though you aren’t using more electronics, leaving lights on, or see any other reason for it
  • The cooling system is louder than usual when it is running
  • The air conditioning does not seem to have the same cooling output
  • Some rooms are not being cooled on a constant level as others

If you notice these warning signs, it is a good time to call for air conditioning service. We have a thorough multi-point check that reviews the health of the whole system. We find areas of wear and repair or replace them before they have a change to break down. This keeps you ahead of the need for repair and is often much more cost effective.

Help your AC system reach its full potential.

Our skilled technicians do everything from cleaning the vents to checking for even air flow and making sure the thermostat is accurate. We lubricate moving parts and ensure that everything is in working order. When we are done, your air conditioning system will be running cleanly and smoothly. You will get less dust and debris circulating from the vents and it can even elongate the longevity of your cooling system.

Contact us today and ask about our specials on your air conditioning repairs in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

We perform air conditioning repair and heating repair on any make and model, and all new installations are done with quality products by Trane and Goodman. With over thirty years in the industry there is no install too tricky, and no problem we cannot solve. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as NATE certified operators.

We appreciate your trust in our family. Thanks for letting our family take care of yours!

100 Percent Customer Satisfaction GuaranteedNATE | ACCA | Energy Star

Customer Reviews

  • We purchased our A/C unit from Sunrise Mechanical and from the day that we met Bill the service has been no less than exemplary. From Jennifer assisting us over the phone and Jeremy servicing our unit each experience has been satisfying. We actually consider them all friends. They will go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and are always considerate of the cost to you. We trust them completely.
    Shirley H. 7/2017
  • I have used Sunrise Mechanical for years. They installed my new AC years ago and have been servicing it twice a year ever since. They have arrived on time and completed every service as they said they would. They have superior customer service, and a friendly staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    Melinda 7/2017
  • I have been a customer of Sunrise Mechanical for many years. They have always been the best, from the office personnel to the service technicians. I would never use anyone else. They are stuck with me!
    Robert F. 6/2017
  • Great customer service from the office to the technicians. Very friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks again!
    Ryan H. 5/2017
  • I have worked with these folks for several years, they have always done excellent work. When I needed a new system back in 2009 they were the ones I called. The system was installed in a timely and professional manner. They have continued to maintain the system with the same level of professionalism and care. Today Jeremy came out to perform our annual checkup and I mentioned that I had purchased a new smart thermostat and needed a wire hooked up on the roof unit. He not only connected the wire for me but insisted that he check out the new thermostat. When I offered to pay he said it was easy, no charge. This is the kind of service these folks have always provided. I would recommend them for any job large or small.
    William S 11/2016
  • As a roofing contractor, I place a premium on service. It's what sets us apart from the competition. The reason I refer the Sunrise Mechanical team is because they operate under the same philosophy! Bill, Jennie, Jeremy and the rest of the family are A+++. I can also attest from my personal experience that they have always taken care of my friends and family and I can't ask anything more from my "go to" HVAC contractor!
    Frank V 7/2017
  • Sunrise Mechanical is the best! I have used them for years. They are always professional, polite, and knowledgable. When my water heater went out a couple weeks ago, they helped me locate an excellent company, who came out the following day. Thank you.
    D F. 1/2017
  • My name is Rob Irwin. These fine folks helped me in a pinch!! Called early morning, and Scott was calling me by mid morning to tell me he was on his way. Repair was completed quickly, and they honored my AC warranty sold by another company! I'd gladly support this family owned business again!! Thank you Sunrise crew!
    Michael R 11/2017
  • I just purchased this home that came with a home warranty. Went through the warranty service for the first time and the wanted me to wait a week for repair of my upstairs unit. I called Sunrise and was greeted by a very pleasant and professional lady that assured me that my AC would be fixed today. The tech came out and fixed it without a hitch. They have convinced me to continue using their services for my HVAC needs in the future. Thank you Sunrise.
    Annabanana 11/2016