Does your air conditioner technician have your best interest at heart?

Air Conditioning Phoenix
Air conditioning in Phoenix is a must. Whether you already have a unit installed, need installation, or are seeking maintenance services, it’s important to have access to a local air conditioning service company you trust. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc the customer comes first. We deliver an accurate diagnosis of AC problems, correctly sized and installed systems, and work with you to identify the right system for your needs.

Find the right air conditioning system with our help.

When it comes to air conditioning, Phoenix residents have many options. Finding the right unit for a newly built home or to replace an existing system is a critical part of your future comfort. Some of the system types available to you include:

  • Split system air conditioning – Split systems are common in Phoenix. These systems have components inside and outside of the structure being cooled. They use fans or evaporator coolers to circulate refrigerated air through a ducted system.
  • Duct-free air conditioning – These systems utilize tubes that carry refrigerant in order to cool air. For quiet air conditioning, Phoenix homeowners will not find a better system. These run nearly silent, use less energy, and allow owners to cool or heat rooms individually.
  • Packaged air conditioning – All-in-one systems like this are primarily used in smaller homes and offices with limited space.

Get complete air conditioning service. We work on all system makes and models.

Our company was built on customer satisfaction. We do what’s right for your AC needs and keep you informed every step the way.

Does your AC company offer comprehensive air conditioning services?

New Air Conditioning Phoenix AZ

Our air conditioner installations are sized for your home.

When it’s time for a new HVAC system, homeowners need to get the right system for their property. First, we identify what system type will work best. Our technicians properly size the unit as well. Air conditioning systems run at peak efficiency when they are sized according to the property. Too large and a unit cycles too often, too small and it never turns off.

We have access to dealer pricing on the most reliable makes and models. Because of this, we can provide a complete air conditioning replacement or a new install. We always confirm your existing system doesn’t have any repairable problems before we advise a replacement. This attention to detail makes us your premier choice for air conditioning in Phoenix.

We maintain your investment and stop problems early.

Rather than buy a new unit, why not maintain the one you have? Our trained technicians ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency, and catch any problems before they become costly. Our HVAC service plans include twice yearly inspections, priority scheduling, and discounts on repairs and additional bonuses.

When they need a reliable full-service air conditioning company, Phoenix citizens call us. We value our customers and always work hard to provide the best workmanship and timely service. When you need full solution air conditioning in Phoenix, call (602) 714-1009 or Contact Us today.