Air Purification

Duct cleaning can substantially increase your air quality, but what about in between cleanings? Dust particles, bacteria, and other contaminants can build up and move throughout your home. You can regularly get your ducts cleaned, or you can choose the option that provides high air quality 24/7. With air purification, Phoenix home owners won’t have to worry about harmful contaminants in the air. Filtration levels are dependent on your system. That’s why Sunrise Mechanical Inc only trusts the USA made, NASA tested Active Pure AIR SCRUBBER air purification system for our clients.

Do you know what’s in the air you breath?

Air Purification Phoenix AZ
People often breath contaminated air in their homes and places of work. There are a wide range of contaminants, but the end result is the same—increases in illness, odors, and allergies. Sick building syndrome has been linked to unfiltered systems. Without filtration contaminated air is recirculated over and over again. This can increase hidden dangers as well. Office printers send microscopic ink particles into the air that workers breath in. This has been linked to chronic illness and lung conditions similar to those of coal miners. Common contaminants include:

  • Organic Contaminants – Air purification can be a major help to allergy sufferers. Indoor pollen can cause allergic reactions. Mildew and mold cause respiratory problems in healthy individuals and major problems when lungs are compromised. Black mold can actually lead to brain death. You don’t have to breath these in. Air purification traps them, neutralizes them, and keeps them from spreading throughout your home.
  • Viral & Bacterial Contaminants – Are you often sick? Even after you’ve fought off illness, you can re-catch it if the germs are re-circulating in your air system. Strep, staph, E-coli, and more can linger in an air system. These will remain a threat until they die or your air is purified.
  • Dust & Odor – Dust and odor don’t stay put. Your AC system will move them throughout your home. Dust can be more dangerous than you think as well. The exo-skeleton of cockroaches turns into fine powder when it decays. This can make allergies in adults worse, and cause allergies in children with no previous signs. Why take a health risk when air purification Phoenix homeowners trust is so affordable?

Air purification may help if you or someone you love is suffering from:

  • Regularly runny nose and sneezing.
  • Watering, itchy eyes.
  • Seems to get sick more than usual.
  • Suffers from asthma or allergies.

  • Seasonal changes bring allergies.
  • Allergic to dander and pets.
  • Sensitive to odors.
  • Sensitive to dust or dust mites.

Protect Your Home with Air Purification

Air Purification Phoenix Arizona
We’re excited to offer the Active Pure AIR SCRUBBER air purification system. This incredible system doesn’t just capture contaminants, it eliminates them. With active air purification Phoenix can enjoy cleaner and safer air. That’s because our system delivers excellent benefits to your happiness and health.

Our system provides superior dust control and destroys:

  • Allergy and illness causing agents like mildew, pollen, and mold.
  • Dangerous viruses and bacteria like MRSA, strep, E-coli, Avian Bird Flu H5N8, staph and more.
  • Odor causing agents that infiltrate your duct system.

Take back your health with professionally installed air purification!

Our packages make finding the right system simple. Our technicians will analyse your current system before installation. This guarantees compatibility with the AIR SCRUBBER. We’re happy to answer all questions at any point, so when you want tested, reliable, and fully backed air purification installation choose Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

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