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Gas Furnace Installation Phoenix
The lifespan of a gas furnace sits on a curve. Factors like age, maintenance, and daily usage all determine how long it will last. When your furnace breaks, finding a new furnace can feel daunting. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc. we make it easy. We’ll help you through every step of the process for your gas furnace installation in Phoenix. This includes identifying your options, installing your furnace, and old furnace removal.

Are you getting the most from your furnace?

Even if your furnace hasn’t reached the end of its life it may not be working at capacity. Time and poor maintenance lower your furnace efficiency and some studies put this reduction as high as 5% a year. A furnace typically lasts between 16 and 20 years. Replacing your furnace could help you enjoy the benefits of 2 decades of furnace innovation. We’ll help you consider every single factor so that you get the perfect new furnace for your home.

Gas Furnace Options

  • Furnace Size – If your furnace is improperly sized it won’t just affect your gas bill. An over-sized unit wears out more quickly. It actually overheats your home and cycles on and off more than a properly sized unit. If a furnace is too small it will struggle to reach the specified temperature. It may not cycle off and run nearly full-time. These both prematurely wear a unit. Our technicians will determine the right size furnace for your home based on your home size and heating needs.
  • Furnace Type – Gas furnaces come in different types. Depending on your home and needs, different options are available. Types include:
    • Low-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – These are perfect for tiny homes and mobile homes that don’t require high output.
    • Standard-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – We typically recommend this model for homes with a standard configuration.
    • High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Installation – This type is ideal for large space heating and home owners who value efficiency.
  • Furnace Cost ArizonaFurnace Cost – We get dealer direct pricing on trusted brands and new furnace models. We’ll work with your budget to identify the best options that meet your efficiency and budgetary needs. We also provide affordable natural gas furnace installation options. There’s no better choice when you want a great unit selection and affordable gas furnace prices in Phoenix.

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We know that a furnace can’t wait. That’s why we get to work quickly. Our technicians always inspect your original unit before advising the installation of a new furnace. Sometimes a problem is keeping your furnace from working in full, and you may just be in need of repairs.

You are always our first priority. That’s why we work so hard to get you the lowest new furnace cost in the entire Phoenix metro area. Let our technicians provide you with the comfortable, warm, and energy-efficient home you deserve. Call or contact us today to get started.