Gas Furnace Repair

Gas Furnace Repair Phoenix
Nights can get chilly, especially in the winter months. Dealing with an improperly working gas furnace during these times can be a serious problem. The easiest way to get warm, and get your furnace working properly is with gas furnace repair in Phoenix from a trusted local company. With more than 100 years of collective experience, certified technicians, and cost-effective solutions, Sunrise Mechanical Inc. is the perfect choice for your repair work.

There are many common problems we see regularly. Repair work that delivers the greatest benefit is a multi-step process. Every visit from one of our gas furnace repair technicians begins with a complete diagnosis of your furnace. We’ll ask you questions about the nature of the problem, when you first noticed it, and what conditions were like. A detailed inspection is the best way for our technicians to identify the problem and catch any other areas that may have been affected as well.

Common Gas Furnace Problems Include:

  • The furnace won’t produce enough heat
  • Your pilot light isn’t lighting
  • The pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Your furnace blower won’t turn off

  • Furnace operation is way too loud
  • No heat is being produced by the furnace
  • The unit cycles on and off with frequency
  • There is a malfunction with the electronic ignition.

No matter what issues you may be having, our technicians can identify the problem. An average furnace lasts between 13 and 20 years. Regularly repairing problems as they arise and exercising maintenance routines can extend this. That’s why we always bring other worn areas to your attention. Addressing problems early saves you time and money later on.

Comprehensive Gas Furnace Repair

There are some excellent reasons to choose us for your repair work.
Gas Furnace Repair Technician

  • Local Experience – All of our gas furnace technicians are very skilled. Many have been living and working in Arizona for more than a decade. We first opened our doors in 1996 when a 30 year veteran of the HVAC industry wanted to provide Phoenix with better service. We only hire certified, technically capable employees, and our diagnostics and repair work keep customers coming back when they need affordable, reliable services.
  • Necessary Skills – From our technicians to our parts acquisition team, every single one of our staff is very skilled. That’s how we deliver quality at every step. We use high-grade, name brand parts during replacements. This increases durability. Requiring previous certifications and testing skills helps us locate and hire the areas best talent. We’re always on time to appointments, and continue to be known for great service across the board.
  • Comprehensive Services – Whether you need repairs to a standard or high-efficiency model furnace, we do it. Even if your furnace wasn’t installed by our experts, we can still repair it. Our technicians are versed with every make and model. Stop calling around, because we can repair it.

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