HVAC Contractor – Your complete AC, furnace, and air duct contractor!

  • Finding a good HVAC company is as easy as phone call to Sunrise!
  • Get affordable services from the areas leading local technicians.
  • Our friendly techs answer all of your questions before we start work.
  • All of our services are guaranteed so you never have to worry.
  • Get the tri-fecta: Quality work, quality materials, and quality parts.

As an HVAC contractor, we have the equipment, understanding, and skilled technicians to work on projects of any size. Whether you’re building a home and starting from scratch, replacing an ailing unit, or servicing a system in a duplex or townhouse, we do it all. With a fleet of vehicles prepared to handle the vast majority of work immediately and on-site, when you need it done now, you need Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

HVAC Installation – Get the right system for your property size and usage needs.

  • We help you find the best units for your budget and size them accordingly.
  • You won’t find cheap AC and heating systems here. We install brand name units you can trust.
  • Certification is required for our technicians. You deserve it.
  • Our fast installation includes removal of your current system.
  • Experience the difference a licensed and insured HVAC company can make for your home.

System installation is a process. Shopping for an HVAC system isn’t like buying a new car. We take every factor into consideration, including any budgetary constraints, the exact size of your properties air space, as well as individual heating and cooling needs. A company that doesn’t work with you isn’t a company you want to work with. Our technicians understand that individualization is what provides a customer with a satisfactory install. We’re with you, every step of the way.

HVAC Replacement – We mathematically determine the best system options for your home or business!

  • Our certified technicians perform a full inspection of your existing system before suggesting a replacement.
  • Because we perform full repairs, you only get needed components and units replaced.
  • When we provide you with residential HVAC replacement we haul away your old unit too!
  • As an independent company you get great pricing without the corporate markup.
  • What is a good replacement unit? We crunch the numbers for your square footage and usage needs!

Replacing an AC system, furnace, air purification system or other HVAC component isn’t cut and dried. The best way to make sure you’re making the right decision is with cost analysis. Our technicians fully inspect existing systems first. We look at the life of each component, overall wear, the age of the system, and determine how much longer your HAC system will last with repairs and maintenance. We’ll help you compare this to the cost of a new system. That lets you make a fully informed choice that’s right for you.

HVAC Maintenance – Increase the longevity of your unit by up to twice its expected lifespan without maintenance!

  • The best way to keep your system in peak condition is with our HVAC maintenance packages.
  • Our seasonal checks prepare your system when it has to work its hardest.
  • Get a full inspection of your unit including electrical components, seals, and moving parts.
  • Our technicians service your unit using high-quality OEM or OEM specification parts.
  • Increase unit efficiency and save money on heating and cooling every year.

Because an HVAC system is an investment, you want to properly maintain it. The lifespan difference between a maintained system and one that isn’t can be 10 years or greater. Not only that, a poorly maintained system loses about 5% of its efficiency every year. That means it works harder, cycles more often, and wears out sooner. This adds up on your electricity and repair bills. Our maintenance services are based on seasonal needs. We prep it before the toughest Phoenix weather so you can get the most out of your investment.

Heating and Cooling Repair – We repair furnaces, water heaters, air conditioning systems and more!

  • All our HVAC technicians engage in continuing education in order to repair the newest system models.
  • Stop your search for HVAC near me! We service the entire greater Phoenix area.
  • With a local company on your side, you get experts to your door right when you need them.
  • Views our 5-star ratings on Yelp and great reviews on Angie’s List.
  • We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Burea)

HVAC repair covers a wide range of hardware. With the hundreds of makes and models, having one of our certified technicians perform your repairs is the smart move. What many homeowners don’t realize is how interconnected these systems are. A worn belt in one area can affect the electrical ability of a component in another. One problem often leads to more. Our inspections include these related system components. That way we can repair your system in full, replacing any affected components. This prevents future problems in unrelated areas and delivers the year round reliability you want.

Residential HVAC – Quality services for your home heating and cooling needs.

  • We offer full residential HVAC services for homes, rentals, and property management companies.
  • Other HVAC companies can’t compete with our quality and warrantied work.
  • Honest technicians means your house gets the service it needs without the upsells.
  • All of our HVAC units and parts come with an in-depth manufacturer warranty. Your needs are covered.
  • We are fully insured and licensed to work on and in residential sites and buildings.

Every residential building has unique needs. You need a company that accounts for all of them. We work with homeowners directly as well as offering excellent packages for home renters/leasers, property managers, and property management companies. We are with you throughout the entire lifespan of your system. From initial installation to bi-yearly maintenance. When you’re ready for a new unit we perform complete replacements and complex repairs.

HVAC Inspection – Get competitively priced inspection services from a name you trust.

  • Trusted by local homeowners associations.
  • We offer excellent financing opportunities. Don’t put off your HVAC needs any longer.
  • Certification is required for all of our technicians before we hire them. Get what you pay for.
  • Call us now to get qualified for the service your business needs to keep cool.
  • All of our work is backed by our dependable service guarantee.

Pricing matters. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for a good deal. At the same time, you don’t want to overpay. The easiest way to fall into a pricing trap is to hire a company that isn’t up front, suggests unnecessary work, or uses scare tactics. We don’t do any of those things. The quality of our work has stood on its own for over 20 years. Phoenix residents know that we will only suggest absolutely necessary repairs. If a cost analysis shows an option is more affordable in the long run for you, that’s the one we’ll advise every time. Get honest HVAC pricing from a company that never forgets you’re what makes them great.